PEAK FREQ  Variable Filter Module

Inductor EQ / Filter Module / Notched Wah / Overdriver
Vintage vox style Mid-Range-Boost / Band Pass / Enhancer

Developed by request for Grammy award winning producer/engineer Mark Neill and Soil of the South Productions to emulate the Mid-Range-Boost function on vintage Vox amplifiers.  But the goodness does not stop there.

With added intensity & sweep controls the Peak Freq can be used subtly as an ‘always on’ pedal to add the finishing touches  to your tone –or- radically to provide  quantum leaps to Vintage British Tone, Texas Tone, Woman Tone and many many others.

Each unit is built by hand from scratch one at a time (including the graphix) and features: point to point wiring, true bypass switching, all discrete components and full grounding harness.

Deceptively simple / Amazingly versatile

the PEAK FREQ on youtube

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