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made a trek to Soil of the South Productions to see Mark Neill  we had a play period with the FuzzFuzzz, Good Wah and the Micro Room.  As always Mark found some new ways to use the gear..... much gear love ... Mark's Studio now has a new room ... a Micro Room

2016 reformation of gizmo company 'Flolded Space Technologies'. The 'MICRO ROOM' was tweeked and reissued, my long time love affair with WAH resulted in the 'GOOD wah' ( the best dang wah on the planet) and my collaborations with Producer/Engineer & Vintage Mavin Mark Neill pushed forward the 'Amazing Peak Freq' Filter module which is now available as well. The Fabulous 'FUZZFUZZZ' is being distributed through Goodsell Amplifiers and I am also building his Overdrive 2.

Time travel is hard but evidence abounds.

On the same day that Folded Space Technologies reappeared I joined long time friend STEVE BASKIN's band and am having a great time learning his repertory.
....looking forward to seeing you at some gigs.

In 2000 I started  'rrrrrrecords'  and am still under contract to myself.
Recent music projects included a fresh CD by Shane Harvey, a first CD and 2 supporting videos for Blues Maniac Theabis Debris ('I'll Play the Blues for YOU'), a CD full of NEW songs called 'Footprints on the Moon' and an insturmental compilation called "TIME STAND STILL" and a looooong awaited project by Elephants Gerald. .. SANCTUARY MUCH

in the more distant past
I've collaborated and performed with artists from all over the know world: 
Caroline Aiken (Queen of the Folkies)
Alpha Blondy Band (West Africa's Reggae Kings)
Angie Aparo (the indie prince)
Steve Baskin
JumpKings Blues Band
Members of Mylon's Broken Heart Band
Elephants Gerald
....and several iterations of his own device
During a 5 year ‘tour’ as guitarist/producer at Little  River Studio I co-produced and performed on tracks for Thunderbird Records,  the famed SUN label and ‘laid trax’ for a few Tom Long projects (then president of ASCAP)

but.....what i done for you lately ??

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