Another wah pedal???  ……why? 

Because … mass produced wah pedals, and the so called boutique pedals just did not give me what I wanted. Some had a vintage voice but were too  ‘tame’ ….some were more aggressive but lost the vocal qualities I wanted.  Some worked better with overdriven amp, some better with clean.
.…on and on.

I wanted a wah that worked well with both clean and distortion … had the smoothness, range and  vocal qualities  of the classics,  did not have signal loss, was more responsive…. and was quiet.
After years of experimentation and mods the GOOD wah is the result. The GOOD wah is a non buffered vintage design & build that has been ‘juiced’ for as much intensity as possible while keeping  a classic vocal vibe.

Each unit is scratch built one at a time – wired point to point using  discrete components selected for best performance, with FULL ground harness and true bypass switching.

The addition of an external intensity control and treadle tension adjustment allow you to personalize  the sound and feel …….. I think it’s a very good wah
… did I mention …. it has a nice bright LED and can be used with battery or adaptor.

volume trimmer  on switch inside unit
 ‘SUBS  switch’  under teadle
Different inductor
 dual inductor (switch under treadle)

demo video

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