Want some serious fuzz and mayhem?  
The Goodsell FUZZFUZZZ is the pedal.

This original vintage silicon fuzz was first produced in 1968 by Roger Brainard and has been produced in very small numbers over the last 47 years.

Using 2 fully controllable fuzz engines the FUZZFUZZZ has massive amounts of available Fuzz and Boost, yet it is remarkably quiet and simple to use.
FUZZFUZZZ's Sonic's range from mild fuzz, grit & buzz to near infinite creamy sustain to total end of the world destruction and chaos.  

FUZZFUZZZ is hand-wired one at a time using the highest quality full sized discrete components, point to point wiring, full grounding harness, true bypass switching...and some glowing red eyes.

FUZZFUZZZ also sounds incredible on BASS

demo video

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